SCR Power Regulation (P Series)
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SCR Power Regulation (P Series) are widely used in different power regulation equipment in the industry, such as kilns, thermal treatment furnaces, electric heating furnaces, electroplating equipment, launching machines, etc. With optional 3-phase and 1-phase features sealed SCR power module IC PCB with strong interference resistance and it ideal for transformer load and high frequency device's pre-regulator.
Characteristics :-
  • Sealed IC circuit boards of SCR power modules are used
  • Full electronic safety devices (quicker than high-rate fuses), in the time of passing current, it automatically cuts off the trigger devices to protect the controller silicon.
  • Exceptional interference resistance, capable of being used for transformer load, high frequency device earlier stage voltage regulators
  • With current feedback applicable to negative resistance load
  • Capable of performing different control changes (Example: fixing current and voltage)
  • Easy for installation


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